EJ residence

MG 2199

This private residence was conceived in a 'no nonsense' mindset. A retreat to which the client could withdraw from his hectic professional and urban life. We tried to translate this with an introverted combination of lime plaster and dark tinted oak.

The open plan has a large seating area and the dining area and kitchen are directed to the terrace at the rear. A place to unwind as well as to relax and be together with family and friends. The circulation areas are connecting elements and enhances the spaciousness of the living area. With subtle and earthy tones and a clear architectural symmetry, we were able to establish a certain 'zen' without resorting to full minimalism. The appartment still conveys a warm feeling thanks to the use of the dark wood and lime plastered walls. To complete the detailing of the apartment, a custom rug, table and bench were designed in harmony with the interior spaces.

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Knokke, Belgium


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