Indigo apartment

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Renovating this small 60 sq.m apartment overlooking the Belgian North Sea ultimately revealed an indigo pearl. We were asked to redesign this compact holiday home for a family in Knokke. With one master bedroom, two bathrooms and a kids room with bunkbeds, smart usage of space was of course all the more important.

The kitchen is at the core of the retreat. The central marble island - which got its unique form by embracing the unusual shape of the apartment - is more than just a place for cooking; it also extends to a ‘vide-poche’, or a place to gather for drinks. Custom shelving creates openness in the space and opportunity for display.

The material palette immediately sets the tone from entry, confronting visitors with the Royal Purple natural stone block. It dictates the color scheme throughout the whole of the apartment; translating into stained cherry paneling and deep blue hues. Where cherry wood isn’t dressing the walls, the tactile lime finish creates a soft matte effect for extra intimacy. Terra floor was placed throughout the apartment for easy flow from one space to the next and as a hard-wearing material to accommodate its visitors on the beachside location.

We did

  • interior design




  • Duinbergen


Tijs Vervecken

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