Au Bain Marie

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Established in Villa Landing by the hand of the famous Belgian architect Henri Van de Velde, restaurant Au Bain Marie was due for a drastic facelift. Looking to bring back the finesse of the ‘30s in interior and print, we were careful to set the right tone and attention for detail.

Respect for the original architecture goes hand in hand with some more surprising choices in this total concept. By starting on both the interior design and branding at the same time, we were able to create a matching story from early on. This results in a coherent and distinct identity where every aspect contributes to the overall image. Carefully balancing older design clues and modern trends, different moods were created in separate rooms to surprise and delight guests time and again. Pietra di Medici goes hand in hand with larch wood and lime plaster in the main areas, whereas the bar benefits from a dark mood with a fireplace, dark blue gloss paint and a green natural stone. The rooms in de back with view over the Leie river are more lively with floral-print carpet and pink curtains.

We did

  • interior architecture
  • branding


Au Bain Marie




Astene, Belgium


Nathalie Deboel

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